Monday, February 1, 2010


Just wanted to thank all of you who voted for Radney Foster's Angel Flight. It made the charts last week at #17 and this week made it up to #9!!! Let's keep voting for it and see if we can help raise even more money for the Texas Air National Guard Family Support Foundation.

Oh, and for you Hootie fans out there I copied this little nugget of trivia from here.

"Darius Rucker lends his distinctive harmony on "Angel Flight," a moving tribute to the pilots who fly their fallen brethen home to their final resting places. Radney's co-writer, Darden Smith, started writing the song after talking to a pilot of the Texas Air National Guard who mentioned he flew the "angel flight." Smith asked Radney to finish the song with him, and the pair are donating proceeds from the song to a charity that provides assistance to military families beset by tragedy. "

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