Friday, October 8, 2010

How do you....

I've been obsessing a lot lately over the whole (lack of) pregnancy thing to the point that nothing else really mattered. Which is NOT GOOD.

I realized it was kind of the same way when I was planning our wedding. I was obsessed with the dress and the dishes and a million little details (even though my wedding was really low key it felt like there was a million things I didnt' get done) And that got me wondering....

How do you stay in touch with your relationship? Do you have a project you work on together? Do you just veg out on the couch together? Does your significant other understand what you are stressed out about? Mine is fairly good at getting it once I explain what I'm thinking/feeling but sometimes I want him to read my mind. That never works and we just get a little frustrated with each other until I realize...DUH....COMMUNICATION!!!!!
My darling husband and I have started working on a new project together.

It's been a lot of fun because I like to play with power tools and this gives us a good excuse to buy more of them! It's been a great way to refocus on us and what we as a couple are all about. We are deciding together how we want to handle each decision. Good thing we think a lot alike! LOL

Yikes! I don't think the ventilation is supposed to be THERE!

It's fun to tear something up just to bring it back to life. My husband knows I love the demolition phase so he stood back and filled the trash bags with all the stuff I pulled off.
We are like two kids in a candy store these days and it's just like when we first started dating. We are learning all about each other again.
So what are you guys doing for non wedding related fun?

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