Friday, February 5, 2010

Vintage wedding...

My best friend posted this to her facebook the other day and I was torn between cracking up and cringing. And no, I'm not the bride but I'm next to her...did you find me yet?
It was January 1986 and I have to admit we did a dang fine job on the wedding for as little as we all had to spend back then. The dresses were made by Sabrina's (the chick to the right of the bride) grandmother. We wore them in her wedding too. Ann and I spent several evening gathering up the skirt and adding little floral accents to them so they wouldn't be "exactly" the same (in our minds) and then to change the look a little more we wore the sleeves pushed up. Ahh the 80's At least we didn't have "mall bangs"!
I remember sitting in Ann's living room the morning of her wedding sewing her veil. It was down to the wire ladies! But we managed to pull it off! I don't remember much about the wedding. It was held at her family's church in our tiny hometown and the reception was at City Hall. We decorated it with crepe paper and ate off of paper plates. No fancy schmancy catered event, just a "hometown weddin".
Ann and Robert just celebrated 24 years of marriage in January and not a single person could tell you what their cake tasted like, what designer they wore (none) or who caught the bouquet, but anyone that knows them knows they are still in love and they are a great team. THAT my friends is what matters. Happy Belated Anniversary Ann and Rob.
Oh yeah, And I guarantee you I never wore that dress again. We all hated them but it was what we could afford so we worked with it.

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Catherine Fiehn said...

It is fun to have pictures, because it is what you will remember, what is in the photos! Love your blog, I'm a plus sized photographer my self and pride myself on doing the best poses to flatter my bride's that are plus sized because I know there is right way and an unflattering way that some photographers just don't understand.