Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lets talk....

I absolutely LOVE all the wedding dress pictures but I want to expand the blog a bit more.
This is where you guys are going to get to help me.

I would like to add engagement pictures, more backstory on you and your beloved, plus size bridesmaids dresses, etc. But I'm having trouble coming up with a good mix. (having a screaming headache for the last couple of weeks didn't help much either) What are some things that you want to see more of?

Also, lets come up with some additional questions for the brides.

One of our readers, Nihal, wrote me the other day with this to say.....

How about incorporating a questionnaire for the brides who liked to be featured. That way readers can have more insight. My suggestions:
-- What was the date of your wedding?
(often skinny brides are featured on shiny mags and it feels like they deserve to have great weddings/diy projects so next couple of questions are to show it is not that way always)-- What was the theme/colors of the wedding?-- What made you challenge most towards theme/colors?
-- Where did you buy your attire?--What was the most challenging thing while buying your dress?
-- What would you change if you could turn back?-- What's your advice to plus-size brides?
;And also maybe try to feature engagement photos too?
thanks for the great blog!

I swear she must have been reading my mind! So, lets put our heads together and make this blog even more fun and exciting to read. I want this blog to be about YOU not ME.



Kristy said...

I agree. Sometimes it is easier for people to open up about themselves when they have a guideline to follow. I know that when I have a direct question asked of me it's easier for me to answer than if someone simply asks "Tell me a little about yourself".

Lindsey said...

I love the survey idea. I've seen other sites do it and it makes a easy read. I also would love to see some plus engagement photos! Mine are in less than 2 months so I need some outfit and pose inspiration! ;) thanks for this blog!

D. Marie said...

I love the questions...did you get my email on wedding bee about posting my pics...I cant wait to see them on your site...I can answer some of the planning questions for you and finding a dress questions. Thanks again! Your site is great! :)

Kate said...

Some thoughts on features I'd love to see :
*Bridal Accessories (shoes, veils, jewelry, undergarments, etc)

*Hair & Makeup Styles

*Flattering poses for photographs (like how to make sure you don't have a double chin or bad posture)

*Maybe showcase new dresses or dress lines that are for larger women - like announce when a new collection comes out seasonally

*Commentary on the pressure that the Wedding Industrial Complex puts on us to go on crazy diets - Ex. every time I log into Facebook there's an ad on the side for a "wedding diet".

*What about plus-sized grooms? And attendants?

Plus Size Bride said...

D. Marie I had just enough time the other day to glance at it but I've been a little under the weather.
I'll be catching up soon.

D. Marie said...

Hey Plus Size Bride...

I hope you're feeling better...get some rest.

Plus Size Bride said...

Just my normal crazy stupid headaches. A gift from my first husband over 20 years ago. It just take time for them to calm down.
Plus, I have a co-worker that thinks the entire building needs to hear EVERYTHING she say (and it's twice as bad when she starts talking Spanish)she sits less than 5 feet from me so it's got my head really going into muscle spasms. The eyeballs are starting to rotate in almost the same orbit but it doesn't take looking at a computer screen long for them to teeter off in opposite directions.