Monday, August 3, 2009

Rockin' the ballgown!

Hey gang!
Don't you just love her photographs?!?!?!?! Here is a great story about finding "the one" (dress, that is). I LOVE Vikki's story and I know you will too.
Thank you again Vikki for sharing your story and pictures.

Pictures were taken by Aurora Photography from New Milford CT.
Dress Shopping was a struggle for me. I am a size 20/22 (street size) so in dresses that equals to a 26 possible 28 depending on the designer. I looked around and I didn't know where to start, I wanted to find something that was different not the usual A-Line plain dress that you see a larger woman wearing. It was my day and I wanted to be a princess, I wanted a big ballgown.
So many times and so many places they say don't wear a ball gown it will make you look bigger. But I didn't care, I wanted it (and being an only child I usually get what I want) I had to have it.
I went from shop to shop trying on dresses, usually if I was lucky I might find a 14 or a 16 to try on...which was still way to small, but I tried and found things I liked and things I didn't like. Still not finding the one I decided to try David's Bridal, I knew it had a bad rep and it was notorious for bad service, but I tried it anyway. I think I went there a total of 8 times to 2 different stores. I tried on everything they had, but I never really got the feeling of this is the dress. One trip that was made with my parents I found a dress that was "nice" but not the one, it just wasn't wasn't a ballgown, but my parents liked it and talked me into buying it.....which I really didn't want to do, but did to appease them. It finally arrived to me I opened the box tried it on and hated it...this isn't what I want, this isn't "MY DRESS" I cried and they weren't happy tears.
I called DB and asked them if they had a return policy or exchange policy, the store manager was very accommodating, she let me exchange the dress, the only thing she said was it had to be of equal or greater value. So back to trying on dresses and I found it a ballgown with a big train an pretty pick ups, I loved it. I remember seeing it in the book but never saw it in any store. I tried on a size 12, and somehow I got it on, so it didn't fit but it was "THE DRESS" I knew it, I had to have it. I'm so happy after such a long journey to have found the perfect dress, a dress I loved, I dress I still want to wear everyday but can't. So now, all I can say to future Plus-Sized brides is, be patient, listen to your heart you will find the perfect dress, and you will look beautiful.


Aarika said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!

IE said...

thanks so much for this site, made me a lil more confident being a plus size bride and going strapless

Big Grrrl said...

That is one gorgeous bride! Love this blog :) and will surely return. Wish I´d get married soon to get to wear a gown and send in pictures...