Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Questions....

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Sorry I've been AWOL. I've been a LOT under the weather and then out of town at our wedding officiant and dear friend Jim's 60th birthday bash.

He will be performing his second wedding Labor Day weekend. I think we have added a new layer to his life....hopefully a good one! are a bunch of things that I want to start adding to the blog and the questionnaire. And of course these are in no particular order. I'm hoping this will be a great way to include all of you, not just the recent wedding graduates.

For the bride's questionnaire answer as many of these as possible. I know there are a lot of different types of weddings out there and not all of the questions will apply to every wedding.

Engagement pictures!!!! Lets start showing off those cool pictures. I'll share mine if you share yours!

Bridesmaids - how did you choose yours and what did they wear? Was everything matchy-matchy or did you buck tradition?

Grooms and the rest of the gent in the wedding including Dads and step Dads too, special people. etc.

Save The Dates - I'll be posting about them later this week so send me your by Tuesday!

Invitations - did you go traditional? Did you send e-vites?

Special wedding projects (let's hear it for all those DIY projects!!!)

Accessories - did you braid flowers to wear in your hair or borrow your great grandmother's veil?

Did you attend any bridal shows? What did you learn or gain from that visit?

What were your wedding colors or theme?

What was your wedding date? Was there a special reason for choosing it?

What is the one thing you would go back and change about the final wedding preparations and wedding? I'll tell you about mine later. It involves scissors and a trip to the ER.

How did your groom handle the day? Was he out playing golf with his friends? Nurse a hangover? Did he do something sweet for you?

Tell us about your reception? I know you have at least one or two great stories you can share!

Did you do a grand exit? Why?

Did you take a honeymoon? Are you taking one later? Are you going to skip it and do something else with those funds?


Bethany said...

I feel kind of weird being the first to comment, but I'd love to see everyone else's answers!

Engagement photo:
Our Engagement photos were taken by Keith Peeler. Keith will also be taking our wedding photos.

Bridesmaids - My bridal party consists of some very old and good friends. I chose a color and length of dress from David's Bridal and told them to pick what they liked. They've each chosen a different dress. It is going to be very pretty!

Invitations - My fiance is a graphic designer, so he designed the invites himself. They are perfect.

DIY projects - my biggest one will be making escort cards, but we are also DIYing garland and wreaths for the ceremony and reception.

Accessories - I had custom hairpieces made through Etsy for both me and my bridesmaids. I'll be carrying a handkerchief that was carried by my Mother, Nana, and Great-Grandmother at their weddings.

Bridal Shows - I went to one and it didn't help much at all. Wedding blogs have been my go-to for my planning and ideas.

Colors - Royal Blue and Golden Yellow

Date - We're getting married on September 19th. Nothing special about the day, except for the fact that I hope it will be easy to remember (09/19/09!)

26 days to go until the Big Day! I am so looking forward to simply being married now. All this planning is making me tired.

We are going to Aspen for our Honeymoon. :)

Thanks for letting me share!

Plus Size Bride said...

send me some pictures on what you are working on now so we can show everyone!